Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hi Everyone

So i wanted to talk about THE BODY SHOP BODY BUTTER, I am totally in love with them.
If you've ever used them you will know how luxurious they are, they smell AMAZING! I got two of them like ages ago, but haven't really bothered to use them until now.
They are described as being "Intense, creamy conditioning and softening", and boy are they. At the moment the body shop has an offer on, 2 for £15 which is really good as one costs £12.50! Little bit pricey but worth it as they last for ages. I bought Peach and Raspberry, witch unfortunately they don't do at the moment, I think they change regularly,they do have a wild cherry one which i shall be getting very soon mmmm delish!
I cant stop smelling myself , so yeah i definitely recommend them, ill but a link for the website below

see you soon x

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