Sunday, 22 August 2010


Today i coloured my hair with Schwarzkopf Palette, i used number 872 shade DARK BORDEAUX  and i recently saw Laura lollypop26 do a review on it so i thought id give it a whirl.

Id defiantly recommend it. Its easy to use, and the end colour is pretty much the same as it is on the box, The shade i used is a red, when i first dye my hair it always comes out a little dark but after a few washes it really brightens up! And under lights or the sun it really glistens and shines, I'm a bridesmaid at my friends wedding in two weeks so i coloured it now so that the colour really stands out on the big day!!



Oh and while were on the subject of the wedding, I've also been going on the sunbeds to get a little tan, because I'm sooo pale i could be mistaken for Casper the friendly ghost!! And I've burnt really bad :-( so I'm in a lot of pain, just wanted to share that with y'all.
see you soon

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