Sunday, 12 September 2010

Naked palette


This weekend i bought...wait for it...The Urban Decay Naked palette!! Eeeek super excited i have to say.

Ive seen it on loads of YouTube vlogs and was delighted when i went into Debanhams and found they had 10% off that day so i nabbed myself one before they sold out!

In this pallet you get 12 eye shadows a small Primer potion and a black and brown eyeliner in one, its an absolute bargain.

The shadows in the palette are as follows
Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Dark Horse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep and Gunmetal, the eyeliners are Zero (Black) and Whiskey (Brown)
There are some matte and some shimmery shadows

I definitely think I'm going to hit pan on alot of these shadows quite quickly because they are AMAZING!

Saturday, 28 August 2010


Hey, so i wanted to talk a little about Parabens,

Being new(ish) to the beauty scene only just heard about these things.
Parabens are a group of chemical compounds which are widely used as preservatives, especially in cosmetics. In addition to being used in cosmetics, parabens are also utilized by the pharmaceutical industry, and they sometimes appear as food additives as well. Parabens have been a topic of some controversy, due to consumer concerns about their safety, which explains why you may find products voluntarily labeled as “paraben free,” using their ingredients as a selling point for concerned consumers.

These chemicals are esters of para-hydroxybenzoic acid. Esters are defined as chemical compounds in which an acid molecule has bonded with an alcohol molecule, displacing a water molecule. Some parabens actually appear in nature, generated by plants as a way of defending themselves from fungal and bacterial invaders. The parabens used commercially are typically generated synthetically, ensuring that the products remain consistent, so that companies can be assured that they will work.Typically, the concentration of parabens in cosmetics is very low, often less than 1%. A mixture of parabens may be used to create the best preservative effect, ensuring that molds, fungi, bacteria, and other unwanted visitors will not contaminate a product. It is also possible to use naturally derived preservatives, such as grape seed extract, but many of these substances have not been fully tested for efficacy, raising concerns about the safety and shelf life of products preserved with these substances.

Concentrations of parabens in other products, like foods and pharmaceuticals, are similarly quite low. As a general rule, companies use a minimal amount of preservatives, using laboratory testing to determine the best concentration.

Health concerns about parabens are primarily focused on their potential to act like estrogen compounds in the body. Substances which behave like estrogens are known as estrogenic compounds, and they do pose some health risks, especially when consumed in high volumes. Estrogens primarily impact the endocrine system, potentially creating an increased cancer risk. People who are concerned about parabens argue that their estrogenic traits make them too dangerous

Today when i was having my bath i had a look at all my bath products, and i found Parabens in two of them, one was a Witch face scrub, that untill now i loved! And another was a Boots own brand body scrub, which i shall be throwing away and purchasing new products!

I hope this has been usefull

Sunday, 22 August 2010


Today i coloured my hair with Schwarzkopf Palette, i used number 872 shade DARK BORDEAUX  and i recently saw Laura lollypop26 do a review on it so i thought id give it a whirl.

Id defiantly recommend it. Its easy to use, and the end colour is pretty much the same as it is on the box, The shade i used is a red, when i first dye my hair it always comes out a little dark but after a few washes it really brightens up! And under lights or the sun it really glistens and shines, I'm a bridesmaid at my friends wedding in two weeks so i coloured it now so that the colour really stands out on the big day!!



Oh and while were on the subject of the wedding, I've also been going on the sunbeds to get a little tan, because I'm sooo pale i could be mistaken for Casper the friendly ghost!! And I've burnt really bad :-( so I'm in a lot of pain, just wanted to share that with y'all.
see you soon

Thursday, 19 August 2010

New Arrivals from Sigma!

Hey Guys

So I've just been looking on the Sigma website! And they have new hand held mirrors in stock and i am loving them! There bright colourful and funky, and every girl would love to pull this out of her purse. There are six different designs and there all heart shaped. Take a look at the pics below :-)
My favorite is the Wild pink!  Check out website


Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Sooo i wanted to just mention a few products i bought recently, now if your already established with make up then I'm sure these products wont fascinate you, but please feel free to carry on :-)
The first two products are from clinique, one is the brush on cream liner in 03 smoke gray, to look at it in the pot it almost looks brown but when applied to the lid its a very subtle gray/black colour, perfect if you don't want that harsh black eyeliner look, I will be getting the other two colours! The second is the take the day off makeup remover for lids, lashes & lips in a 125 ml bottle, FAB!! good for removing  waterproof products. And because i bought two items i got a free gift. I was sooo freaking excited, a make up bag with a face wash, moisturiser, eyeshadow quad, mascara, A gorgeous Lip gloss wich i shall also be treating myself to! and a little brush, Best ever free gift in my book! 

Hi Everyone

So i wanted to talk about THE BODY SHOP BODY BUTTER, I am totally in love with them.
If you've ever used them you will know how luxurious they are, they smell AMAZING! I got two of them like ages ago, but haven't really bothered to use them until now.
They are described as being "Intense, creamy conditioning and softening", and boy are they. At the moment the body shop has an offer on, 2 for £15 which is really good as one costs £12.50! Little bit pricey but worth it as they last for ages. I bought Peach and Raspberry, witch unfortunately they don't do at the moment, I think they change regularly,they do have a wild cherry one which i shall be getting very soon mmmm delish!
I cant stop smelling myself , so yeah i definitely recommend them, ill but a link for the website below

see you soon x

A bit about me

Hi everyone

So my name is Pauline, and i wanted to let you all know a bit about me before i start doing reviews and talking about products and boring you all to tears :-)
I'm a 29 year old single mum from Liverpool, and currently trying to get into college to do Make up, really its only for the qualification because i know loads about it already.
So i hope your all interested and please follow my blog it would mean so much to me
see you soon